About Us

  • Villari's Martial Arts has been serving Natick and surrounding communities since 1974. We moved into our spacious new studio in February of 2013.

    Our school is family focused. We have martial arts classes for everyone from 4 to 99.

    Our staff is dedicated to teaching your family martial arts in a friendly, fun and safe environment.

Villari's History

Villari's Martial Arts was founded in 1968 in Waltham Massachusetts.

  • Grand Master Villari trained in many martial arts, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each. Rather than choose a specific Martial Art, Grand Master Villari chose to blend three strong and different Martial Arts to compose the core of our system. He also incorporated techniques from other disciplines like Chinese Temple Boxing and Chin Na (the art of seizing and grappling).

Martial Arts

  • System Foundations

    At the core of the Villari's system are three traditional martial arts:

    Karate is the first system taught at Villari's. It teaches powerful movements and footwork.

    Kempo has more complex hand and foot movements and teaches self-protection.

    Shaolin adds movements based on observations of the five shaolin animals: Dragon, Snake, Crane, Leopard and Tiger. It teaches quick and flowing movements.

  • Five Shaolin Animals

    Tiger is known for its strength, ability to endure, and its tenacity which is the will to never give up

    Leopard is known for swiftness of motion (speed) and power which is the combination of speed and strength

    Crane shows grace and balance

    Snake is supple and flexible. It has rhythmic endurance and inner power

    Dragon has a fighting spirit and rides the wind. It is wise and can use the strengths of any of the other animals

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